2nd December 2020

Easter is a special time for family and whilst it may be a little different this year than usual, you can still make it a magical time for the children and those you love. 

Here are six ways to enjoy the long weekend to the fullest.

  1. Staycation

Go on an adventure in your own backyard by grabbing a picnic basket and a couple of blankets and heading outside as a family. Pull on your winter woolies so you can stay outside all day – think boots, jackets and a snuggly scarf. Create an obstacle course to explore with the kids – hide treasures and clues, plant activities here and there or simply pack a bunch of sandwiches, plenty of water and some trail mix. Set up the tent in your backyard, roll out your sleeping bags and imagine yourselves miles from home.

  1. Easter hat decorations

Who hasn’t stayed up all night decorating Easter hats at the last minute?! Instead of the usual frantic deadline for the school parade, set aside a whole afternoon to get crafty together in a relaxed setting and get the kids involved. 

  1. Egg Hunt

Usually a no-brainer, this year the format might need to be changed! Embellish handmade Easter baskets, then reinvent the search for chocolate eggs with an indoor treasure hunt or delight little ones as they scour the garden for a chocolate bounty at home, following trails left by the Easter Bunny.

  1. Easter lunch celebration

Who doesn’t love a good excuse to set a beautiful table and cook up a storm?! Even if it’s just with the members of your household, take time to prepare a lovely meal to share. Be it a breezy breakfast, long lunch or lazy dinner, why not pull out all stops with fabulous linens, fresh flowers and pretty Easter trimmings to make it special. Shop ahead with a little online retail therapy to order in some fun decorations, dress the dining table in style, then gather around and settle in for the duration. Enjoy!

  1. Start a home bar

Cocktails are de rigueur and there’s no better time to start experimenting in your home bar than during winter. Mulled wine, smokey whiskeys and your favourite citrus twist all come together in a glass to be savoured slowly from the comfort of your own living room.

Start with the classics – stock up on key spirits, make yourself a sugar syrup and kit out your home bar with all the essentials needed to mix up a storm – cocktail shaker, ice bucket, citrus peelers, strainer and measuring tools. Then you just need to pop on a playlist and let the fun begin!

  1. Settle in with a fire

Did somebody say long weekend?! Chances are you’ve spent a lot of time in front of a screen of late, so why not try an off-the-grid escape? Parents and kids, young and old can all share in the fun of board games, gardening, slow cooking and a good book by the fire. Stay home, keep it simple and make no plans at all.